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A weekend visit home to Bryn Mawr has turned into a four-day hiding place while waiting for Sandy to subside and let me go back to New York. I’ve been trying to take photos of the damage here but everything is so quiet–even a trip to the grocery store on Sunday was surprisingly calm.

In the meantime, I’ve finally started this blog. This will be a way to share all the goings on with my work and studies. So, to start things off, some pieces recently published for my reporting class on our site, The site covers northern Manhattan, from Harlem northward, to the very end of the island.

Article about students at the City College of New York rallying against tuition increases:

Article covering the second presidential debate in uptown neighborhoods (a fun group effort):

And, an article about a Washington Heights bookstore called Word Up, which is looking for a new home:

I’ll be adding more photos later as I get situated around here and figure out exactly what this is going to be. For now, here’s the newest addition to my mother’s household I discovered while home. A little abandoned cat named, appropriately, Sablée (Sandy). What better way to inaugurate my blog than with a cat picture? See, this is working already.



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