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December 17, 2012 § Leave a comment

In front of my mother's house. (© Marielle Mondon 2012)

In front of my mother’s house. © Marielle Mondon 2012

Apologies to my loyal readers, of which I’m sure there are many. It has been exactly three weeks since I posted that seductive photo of my bed with stuffed animals and good reading in tow, and now I am finally on the train back to it. Three weeks barely compares to the amount of time I feel has passed and what I had to get done in that time. Prepare for onslaught of terror in the form of my work.

First, articles for the Uptowner. I wrote this piece on Juan Rodriguez, an early Dominican immigrant who will now have a good chunck of Broadway named after him this May. Most people living uptown had never heard of him until the street co-naming had already been approved.

Next was a short holiday piece about an Inwood market.

Myself and a few classmates also made an uptown holiday photo gallery. Trish takes full credit for the cheesy headline. Here are three of my outtakes:

Below the 125th St subway

Below the 125th St subway. © Marielle Mondon 2012


Dyckman window. © Marielle Mondon 2012


On my way home. © Marielle Mondon 2012

For my final I wrote a lengthier piece about northern Manhattanites and their relief efforts after Hurricane Sandy.

And, finally, to prove that writers can indeed use video equipment and Final Cut Pro, myself and several classmates made ‘Uptown Moves’ clips showcasing different fitness programs uptown. A classmate and I worked specifically on the ‘Fort Tryon Park’ clip. Completing the 1 minute, 40 second video involved two hours of filming on a cold Tuesday morning in November and hours upon hours of delirious editing.

BUT OH OH OH it is not over.

Homes in Sheepshead Bay. (© Marielle Mondon 2012)

Homes in Sheepshead Bay. © Marielle Mondon 2012

The final product of my photojournalism class. Over the course of five weeks I photographed the goings-on of Occupy Sandy and spent time with volunteers working in Sunset Park, Bay Ridge, and Sheepshead Bay. Please check out the amazing work of my classmates as well; we all picked different post-Hurricane subjects and some are truly phenomenal to look at. Some of my outtakes:

© Marielle Mondon 2012

© Marielle Mondon 2012

© Marielle Mondon 2012

© Marielle Mondon 2012

ANYWAY. Now that I’m on the train to Philadelphia I’m hoping to devote some more time to this thing and remind myself that I know how to be creative. My undergraduate thesis is slated to publish via Found Press next week, so hopefully that will get me writing outside of school. I’ll also be posting the photos I’ve been taking during the photo-a-day challenge. I’m so bad with that though—I began very ambitious but have gone almost a week without posting any new ones.

What else has happened since Thanksgiving… Kathleen and I saw Animal Collective at Terminal 5 and talked the entire time. I felt like a grown up. When I was 16 or 17… or older… I went to concerts literally five hours before the artist went on stage just so I could be in front.


© Marielle Mondon 2012


Many more packing appropriations developed before I made it to the subway. © Marielle Mondon 2012

I’ve seen some good shows this year but not as many as I would have liked. Dan Deacon in Williamsburg, Ray LaMontagne in Philadelphia, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, also in Philadelphia, Fiona Apple in Portland, the Black Keys in DC… I’m sure I’m forgetting some but that’s most of them at least. I’m going to try with all my might to get tickets to see Sufjan Stevens in New York next weekend, even though that will mean more traveling/packing/planning and I feel pretty tapped out of any and all such things after the fiasco of me trying to pack for two weeks today.

I also got a mini tree last week because my apartment/life was not festive whatsoever.


© Marielle Mondon 2012


© Marielle Mondon 2012

I had some nice cards and an advent calendar I received 14 days late but still cute. I didn’t think to take photos before leaving though but I will—one had Hello Kitty with the words ‘Christmas Cutie’ emblazoned in pink glitter. I am keeping it forever.

That is all for now. Everyone go home.


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