I Cannot Lay a Finger

May 27, 2013 § Leave a comment


This is my last Sunday night in my Harlem apartment and right now even with all the lights off and two golden glowing night lights, (yes, night lights) I fall more in love with it at each stare into the dark. I will miss the family of cats that live in the courtyard below. The giant tree I looked at every morning from my bed as its branches shivered naked through winter and began sprouting again at the end of March. The double lock on the door and the way it squeaks too loud like a whisperer in Church. The two light switches in the bathroom, the mirror I bought from Bed, Bath & Beyond last summer that looks like a fun house mirror if you stand too far away. The double closets with all my sweaters and all my shoes, all my bags for school, and the delicate collection of clothes I still have yet to wear for the right time and the right place.

The piles of floral textiles in the bathroom linen closet, the cleaning supplies, the water boiler I took from Molly after college. My giant Janis Joplin poster that I would never hang in Pennsylvania. The books I still need to read, lined back to back on the windowsill beside my dresser. The ukelele leaning against the exposed brick wall. The way, without planning, all my mixed-up furniture found a way to match.

The door to 125th Street. (c) Marielle Mondon

The door to 125th Street. (c) Marielle Mondon

Today made leaving especially bitter because it was one of those too-few easy New York days, when all my work was done and any leftover responsibilities could be dealt with at a later time, and it wasn’t procrastination at all, it was just a series of events finding their proper place. I went back to a spot in Central Park I had gone to months before in October, and the weather today in May was distinctly similar, and I seemed to get that feeling of home that I have had in other cities with other people at other times as well, and I had hoped then and hoped today that I would always have it.

Last week I graduated and the semester was spent in a flurry of deadlines and revisions.

First, I’ve started writing for PolicyMic. I started reading the site a couple years ago when my millennial ennui started to kick in. My first piece was about the flaw in the acclaimed “five-year plan,” and why accomplishing all you wanted doesn’t necessarily guarantee you success, or even happiness. Second was a piece about the contradictions in language and tone between Fox News and Fox Latino. Third was a brief list of essential films about gay rights.

I also wrote a feature about the band the Swaai Boys for WILD Magazine. They are funny boys.

I took an International Newsroom course where I spent the semester researching news in Brazil. Here’s one piece I wrote following the announcement of the new Argentine Pope and the declining rate of Catholicism in Brazil.

In the works: more Brazil news analyses and PolicyMic articles. And quite a bit more that still has a long way to go.

Blue, the most human color. (c) Marielle Mondon

Blue, the most human color. (c) Marielle Mondon


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